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Carpet Cleaning

The Steam Team Carpet Cleaning

The Steam Team Carpet Cleaning

Carpet cleaning was the root service of our beginning. With Steam Team carpet cleaning, our crews will walk through your home and help you understand the particular needs of your style of carpet.

Carpeting has come a long way in the last 20 years, and not all fibers have the same needs.

We price by the room, and our prices include:

a full enzymatic pretreatment of all areas
all spot and stain removal (with the exception of permanent dye stains such as reds)
any furniture moving that is needed. (We do have limits with furniture moving based on size and liability, but most furniture is considered movable.)
placement of protective pieces underneath the legs of any furniture that may need it
we fully rinse the fiber from the backing up, providing you a full cleaning of the carpet; not just a partial rinse. (Padding will not get wet because of a cleaning.)
we groom all carpet that has a plush texture to it to expedite drying and provide a uniform finished look
a satisfaction guarantee on all work provided, as well as the guarantee that if there’s a stain we can’t remove, nobody can remove it.

If you ever have any doubts about a stain that we couldn’t remove, just call us and we will try again at no charge to you. All stain removal must be done within the guidelines of our industry standard set by the IICRC (Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification). Should you find someone smarter than us — and so far no one has — we will gladly refund the money for the cost of cleaning that area, then find out what it was we didn’t know and never let it happen again!

When we are finished, our crews will escort you through your home, briefing you on the cleaning of your carpets and offering any helpful advice they may have for you.


Dry Times

This is the number one question customers have concerning their carpet cleaning. Our average dry time is 8-10 hours; however, we recommend planning on a 24 hour dry time. Can you be on it right away? YES, just make sure your feet or shoes are clean. So many factors affect dry times it’s impossible to give a consistent answer for every home.

Humidity is the number one factor. If you clean an entire home, then you can expect the humidity levels to be higher than if you clean a couple of rooms at a time. The weather plays a factor as well. A rainy day will slow dry times versus a dry sunny day. Carpet fiber is another factor. Many modern fibers are less porous than the typical nylon fibers that once dominated the flooring landscape. Less pores means less moisture inside the fiber. However, less pores also means substantially less surface space, which will reduce the effectiveness of a vacuum. These fibers tend to feel wetter when cleaned but still hold a very similar dry time. The slowest-drying carpets will be uneven patterned berber carpets made of Olefin or similar fibers. The fastest-drying carpets will be plush, mid-weight nylon carpets, which sometimes surprise even us how fast they dry.

Reappearing Spots?

Yes, it does happen at times. Why? Your carpet is a series of fibers woven into a backing that act like an oil wick to stains that have penetrated into the backing or padding where cleaning does not reach. So as the water evaporates from the fiber, much like an oil wick draws oil continuously, a carpet fiber draws up stains from underneath. We can help you beat those stains! Our crews will teach you the methods of drawing up hidden residues, and then we can touch those surface spots up for you at no charge if done within ten days of original cleaning.

Educating the consumer is as important to us as serving them. Feel free to call if you ever have any questions regarding your carpets.

Air Duct Cleaning

As indoor air quality is becoming a major concern of our society, we at Steam Team have committed ourselves to providing the best service possible to clean your home’s air system, ensuring you and your family will be breathing the cleanest air possible.
While the majority of our competitors rely on smaller, less powerful systems and methods of removing air contaminants, Steam Team has invested heavily in top-of-the-line equipment for those who are serious about removing pollution from the air they and their children breathe in their home.

Two methods for cleaning air ducts consists of “brush and vac” methods and “negative air” methods.

Brush and vac methods consist primarily of a spinning brush on the end of a vacuum hose, with the idea being that as the brush spins it will immediately suck up the contaminants in the vacuum hose. In theory it sounds great, but in reality the limitations of this method surpass its benefits for many reasons. How do we know this? This is the method we employed when we first entered the industry over 20 years ago. It did not take us long to realize the quality we wanted to offer could not be attained with this method, so we researched and invested in some of the largest, most powerful equipment we could find for cleaning air systems using the “negative air method”.

Negative air is simply a huge vacuum system attached to your duct system, close to your furnace, that constantly draws contaminants out as we go through and scrub out your ductwork. Most companies employ electric, portable vacuums which can draw 3,000 – 3,500 cubic feet of air per minute (CFM’s) through your ductwork while cleaning.

Our truck-mounted, gas-operated beasts draw 15,000 CFM’s of air through your ductwork as we clean, offering a much more powerful draw when removing all the nasties that build up in air systems over time.

When we tackle an air duct system, we make sure it is clean from the furnace out in both directions (supply side and return side), so that when we test fire your unit there will be NO blowback of dust into your home. Flex duct is not an issue; we clean that every day, as it has become a staple part of construction.

We will

  • remove and clean all vent covers and diffusers
  • scrub out all ductwork runs with high speed brushes or pneumatic scrubbing tools (or both depending on the ductwork)
  • clean out all trunklines back to the furnace
  • clean out blower fan and area
  • protect your coil from getting any contamination during the cleaning and inspect it before leaving to ensure nothing got past us and that the drain tray is free and clear of any and all debris
  • wipe down the furnace unit itself
  • test fire the system to double-check thoroughness
  • close up any access holes we may have needed to create, air tight and ready for use
  • provide you with before and after pictures of your ductwork so you can see the cleaning

You can rest assured that Steam Team’s professionally trained technicians will give your home’s air system the most thorough cleaning possible.

Upholstery Cleaning

Feeling like you have to watch where you sit? Well, we have kids and understand that feeling all too well. Steam Team can clean that upholstery for you, giving it that renewed look and smell, and will make sitting on the couch fun again! After a good cleaning, you’ll want to consider protecting that fabric as well to help maintain and extend the life of your favorite relaxing spot.

Pet Odor Removal

There’s always that loved one in the family that occasionally leaves you a surprise on your carpet when you’re not looking. Unfortunately, long after their mess has been cleaned, a lingering odor may persist — and gradually worsen with time — as the odor causing bacteria continues to grow. Not only can it be embarrassing, it can be cause for your pet to continue to return to that area and “re-mark” it as its own territory. A simple odor-masking deodorizer cannot remove that; only an enzyme can handle that feat, and that’s exactly what we have to offer. Ask us about our odor-removing enzyme if your pet has been behaving badly. We stand behind our products.

Fiber Protection

You invested a lot of money into that carpet; make it lasts as long as possible with our fiber guard carpet and upholstery protector. It reduces friction and wear on your fibers, as well as establishes an extra barrier to help prevent spots and stains from setting in permanently.

Red Stain Removal

Often the achilles heel of many carpets, the red stains can make you despise the invention of colored drinks. Here at Steam Team, we offer a unique process that can help you fight these once-permanent stains. Just ask our trained technicians how they can help you with this.

Tile and Grout Cleaning

Our technicians will first treat your tile and grout with an alkaline solution that penetrates and draws out deeply penetrated soils in your grout. Then we will hand scrub all grout lines to help loosen and remove years of buildup before cleaning your floors with a self contained, high pressure cleaning that leave your floors looking brilliant.

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